Lake Kaniere, West Coast

We decided we haven’t given the West Coast nearly enough of our time so booked a weekend with friends and some accommodation. Andrew found Lake Kaniere Lodge on AirBnB. This is a large school camp type building with heaps of room (more than enough for the 9 of us that stayed).

2017-02-24 19.37.27.jpg

We arrived Friday night and spent the evening unpacking and supervising kids running wild over the 3 stories of the lodge. The kids were very excited to see a Weka wandering around outside. Bed late for everyone that night!

2017-02-25 14.08.02.jpg

Bunk room… the 5 kids!

2017-02-24 19.34.06.jpg

Large kitchen/dinning/lounge.

2017-02-25 09.39.50.jpg

View from the driveway. Unfortunately the trees are a bit too tall to catch a glimpse from the Lodges’ balcony

Saturday morning saw the adults enjoying bacon and eggs (sorry kids, weatbix for you!!) setting us up for a day of adventuring. Andrew and I hopped on our bikes and took off leaving all 5 kids with our friends. They went for an explore to the beautiful Hokitika gorge.

Image result for hokitika gorge

Meanwhile,  Andrew and I were attempting a grade 4/5 mountain bike track….we didn’t last long! I ended up pushing my bike more than riding it so we headed back out to the gravel road. Enjoyed a nice ride with bush on either side, often seeing Wood Pigeons flying past and the odd Weka dashing across the road.

2017-02-25 10.52.52.jpg

In the afternoon we dropped the friends off at the pub to enjoy some adult time and watch the cricket. Andrew and I took the kids down to Lake Kaniere. A couple of them had a swim and Andrew tried his luck with the rod. Success! A small Perch, much to the boys excitement. It was ceremoniously hacked up and investigated. Ryan decided he wanted to eat it so we took it back to the Lodge. Andrew wrapped it in tinfoil and baked it, everyone had a mouthful and decided it was very nice (except me!!)

Day 2 saw us starting with another hearty breakfast. Pack up, clean up and off. We drove into Hokitika and took the boys to the beach. Lovely day and best of all….no sandflies!!

2017-02-26 12.13.25.jpg

Some awesome driftwood sculptures and fantastic waves for the boys to run from.

2017-02-26 11.55.37.jpg

Good weekend away. Only downside to being inland on the Coast is the sandflies. We can’t wait to explore over there some more!





















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