A wander up the back of Mt Somers(ish)

With nothing pre-planned for the weekend we made the decision to go a for a walk to Woolshed Creek Hut one Saturday in January. The hut is a pretty flash one in terms of back country huts. Looking on maps there looked to be a road that we could use the 4WD drive to get there (Mine Rd).

We suspected there would be a locked gate on the road so the back up plan was to drive up Jig Rd to the walkway car park and go for a wander if Mine Rd wasn’t an option.

Sure enough there was a locked gate at the start of Mine Rd so we drove to the Woolshed Creek Car park (marked Shelter on the map above) and went for a walk to see how far we could get.

With the boys in tow we did pretty well and got to the old abandoned coal mine which is about a third of the way to Woolshed Creek Hut. Here are a few more photos of the adventure.
We’re on our way………..
Old 4 ton coal hopper, description below….
Lunch spot
Nearly at the top
Great views!
Abandoned mine
Fish spotting
Tired legs
Although we didn’t make it up to the hut this was a really enjoyable walk. The boys loved all the old mining equipment and the abandoned mine. It was a good distance for little legs and a great way to fill in a day.

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