Moa Hut adventure (Wilberforce River Valley)

Well I had been planing an adventure up the Wilberforce Valley to the Moa hut which is a private hut on Mt Algidus Station land for a while. I had got permission a couple of weeks ago and made the decision to take Ryan on the adventure into the wilderness with me.

Check out the view looking east from the hut.IMG_0560.JPG

We drove up the valley in the trusty 80 series VX Landcruiser which made the journey simple despite its challenging bits. Getting across the Wilberforce River that far up can get a bit lumpy (big rocks). The intent was to get there mid afternoon in time for an evening hunt. We went for a walk to see what we could see and then settled in what we thought would be a nice spot to see some animals walk out for the evening grazing. Not to be unfortunately so back to the hut to get the fire going and enjoy some dinner.

We had some rain that night but the hut kept us warm and dry, (well the hut kept us dry and the sleeping bags kept us warm!!) It was a bit nippy.

The next morning the plan was to do the same, go back to a spot we thought we be good to see animals emerge from the bush and then once that didn’t work we went for a walk further up the valley.

On this occasion the deer well and truly outsmarted us (probably not too hard to do really as i’m a very amateur hunter at the best of times). We packed up and headed for home with no venison but it was still good solid adventure in some great wilderness.

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