4WD adventure to Basins Hut (Avoca River)

We had decided a few weeks ago do a drive with friends up to Basins Hut which is located up the Avoca River. The weather forecast hadn’t been great for the weekend but luckily on the Sunday it was good as gold for our 4WD to the hut.

To drive to the hut you need to get access from Glenthorne Station first as the first part of the drive (up the Harper River) is on their property. Getting access is simple, just email or call the station staff, their website is here. There is a couple of river crossings along the way so do make sure your vehicle is up to the task and that you judge the river conditions on the day.

However before we even got to the Glenthorne access part, we had to take the drive up to the Harper village area. I have done this drive a fair few times now but it is still a truly stunning bit of road with the lakes and vistas available at most points on the road.


Once we got to the hut we had a good explore around the local area. The hut is in really good condition and looks like a great place to return to after a long day walking or hunting. Major (our dog) managed to find three different deer leg shanks around the hut so obviously there are some deer are around!! We also shot across the Basin Creek to look at the Old Basins Hut, still functional but certainly showing its age. These huts have great character and really must have kept a lot of people warm and dry over the years.

Overall a pretty successful adventure.

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