Spring Snow

We had some Spring snow roll through the Arthurs Pass area and we decided to use the opportunity to go and get amongst some snow before it disappears for another year. It is a fairly quick drive for us to get to Arthurs Pass but today we stopped in a fair few places to check out the views and to give Major our dog a good run around before he had to stay in the car in the National Park area.

The Craigieburn Range
Lake Pearson (Moana Rua) looking South
Jolie and the boys at Moana Rua
The road from Lake Peasron to Mt White
Lake Grasmere on right with Sugar Loaf behind it

After Moana Rua we took the short drive along the road to the Mt White bridge area. The Mt White bridge crosses the Waimakariri River and it provides access to Mt White station plus a few valleys like the Hawdon and Andrews Valleys.

After a short stop just across the bridge we then headed for Arthurs Pass, or just past the village, to find a walk to do. Our original intention was to do the Otira Valley track but we hadn’t counted on the amount of snow around. Instead we decided to do the short Bealey Valley Walking Track just to the Bealey Chasm bridge. There is heaps of walks to do around Arthurs Pass; something for all abilities. DOC has a good brochure on the area and it is well worth a read if your heading to the area.

Waimakariri River
Looking West up the Waimakariri towards the Bealey Bridge

The Arthurs Pass is a great place to explore and it looks magnificent with a good coating of snow. Every time we have been there we have been able to see and interact with Kea’s also which is very cool. This time we saw them on the Arthurs Pass Store roof, mucking around in the snow.

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