West of Lyndon Road

Yesterday our exploring took us up past Porter Pass, along Lyndon Road and then west up a 4WD track midway along the road. It wasn’t a very long 4WD compared to some others we have done but it still opened up some great back-country to explore with the boys. The spot we ended up was almost directly West across from Rabbit Hill, a hill we had climbed with the boys a while ago.

The first part to the adventure was a walk up a 4WD track to the South. Before we even got going up the track though Major, our dog, discovered something in a bunch of Matagouri, a juvenile possum!! The boys all had a good look and surprisingly, Major didn’t tear it shreds; I think he was just excited as he has never encountered a possum before and didn’t know what to make of it.

Juvenile Possum
Juvenile Possum

Once up the hill, (after some persistent cajoling!!) we were treated to some good vistas. The Big Ben Range  was to our East, and then further to the South we could see the Rakaia River and the Mt Hutt Range. The seasons certainly have changed here and the temperature was very mild, almost warm if not for the sneaky breeze.

Once down the hill we had a bite to eat and then jumped in the Landcruiser for a short drive so we could then explore a bit further up the valley.

The direction we were heading in was in line with Porters Pass Ski-field, which was directly behind the mountain peaks in front of us. Porters is where Ryan learnt to ski this year!!

Ryan, 1st day skiing
Ryan, learning to ski at Porters Pass
We walked up the valley towards some small clumps of trees and the boys quickly found the best ones to climb and play hide and seek in.

It was a pretty cool wee spot with interesting rocks, scrub, trees and streams all around. Plenty to explore.

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